Dog Grooming Services

Are you treating yourself to a spa day and leaving your dog with us? Why not give your pup a spa day too? Barking Springs dog grooming services not only keep your dog clean, they ensure your dog will look good too! We offer a variety of grooming services to dogs staying with us in Austin and The Woodlands. When you pick up your dog at Barking Springs after your spa day, they’ll be as clean and refreshed as you are. 

Some of the dog grooming services we offer include shampoos, haircuts and styles and nail clipping. We also do basic brushing and snarl removal. You tell us if there are other accessories you want us to use to make your dog look his or her best and we’ll do the rest. Or if you prefer they look like their typical dog-selves, but smell better, a quick shampoo and nail trimming is the perfect solution.

Benefits of Barking Springs Dog Grooming


  1. Dogs staying with us go home clean
  2. Snagged nails can be painful – we clip your dog’s nails to prevent this
  3. We do everything from a quick brushing through sophisticated styles for your dog
  4. Snarled and tangled fur can be tough dog mom’s and dad’s – we get them out for you
  5. Our groomers know how to clean your pet without upsetting them
  6. All our grooming products are safe and reliable
  7. A clean dog is a happy dog
  8. Any mud or muck they pick up playing while staying with us will be removed before you bring your dog home

Contact us to learn more about boarding your dog at Barking Springs. We’re happy to provide tour of either our Austin or Woodlands facilities.

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