Dog Boarding

When you go on vacation, does your dog come with you? Probably sometimes. But not all vacations are dog friendly, as much as you might want them to be. That’s okay. At Barking Springs in Austin and the Woodlands, we offer dog boarding that will feel like a vacation for your pet while you take the vacation you’ve been waiting for.

While you’re hiking, enjoying a spa weekend or touring a foreign land, your dog will be running and playing at Barking Springs Dog Boarding. Picture them chasing balls, running with other dogs, tongue and ears flapping with a big grin on their face.

Both of our locations have plenty of room to play. Your dog will have a chance to play with other dogs, too – with supervision; safety is paramount. Our staff will care for your dog as if he’s their own – right down to making sure he gets the food, toys and other comforts of home you bring with him.

They’ll get plenty of attention and exercise while you’re enjoying some well-deserved time away from home and responsibilities.


Benefits of Barking Springs Dog Boarding


  1. Lots of room for your dog to play
  2. Your dog will enjoy his vacation as much as you enjoy yours
  3. Caring staff will treat your pet like their own
  4. Other dogs to socialize with
  5. Personal touches like making sure your dog gets access to the food and toys you bring
  6. When you come home, your dog will be as happy and relaxed from vacation as you are
  7. Comfortable sleeping facilities – feel free to bring your dog’s usual bed
  8. Well trained staff on hand to supervise dog interactions

Contact us to learn more about boarding your dog at Barking Springs. We’re happy to provide tour of either our Austin or Woodlands facilities.

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