Dog Day Care

You love your dog. He’s your best friend and most faithful companion. To him, you’re the leader of the pack. When you’re not home, he’s lonely. Maybe you’ve come home and seen cushions, shoes or furniture destroyed because he’s so desperate for attention and stimulation. We know if you could you’d bring him to work or quit your job and spend the whole day playing with him, but since that’s not possible, dog day care is the perfect solution for you and your four-legged pal.

At Barking Springs Dog Day Care, we provide stimulation, socialization and comfort for your pet while you focus on working. If you’ve got a meeting out of town or get called in to work on your day off, our dog day care services can help with these last-minute, unexpected situations too.

Dogs at Barking Springs Dog Day Care are treated like they’re members of our family. We can’t promise they won’t miss you, but we can promise you they’ll be happier and more stimulated than they would be at home – saving your shoes and furniture, so you’ll be happy too!


Benefits of Barking Springs Dog Day Care

1. Keeps your dog stimulated during the day
2. You can be comfortable being gone for many hours and know you dog is in good hands
3. Your dog gets the chance to socialize with other dogs
4. Safe environment
5. Happy dogs mean your shoes, cushions and furniture are safe
6. Lots of space for your dog to run and play
7. Friendly staff who will love your dog as if he’s their own
8. Trained professionals caring for your dog while you’re out

Contact us to learn more about boarding your dog at Barking Springs. We’re happy to provide tour of either our Austin or Woodlands facilities.

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