After Hours Dog Pickup

We know you can’t wait to pick your dog up from dog boarding – and you’re dog will be super excited to see you. We also know that life happens. You get asked to stay late or called into a meeting at the last minute. Or the school calls and you need to pick up a sick child and take them to the doctor. Barking Springs offers after hours dog pickup services for just these situations. Both our Austin and Woodlands locations are happy to accommodate your schedule.

Sometimes you know in advance that you’re going to be late. Maybe one day a week you have a late meeting or you child has an after school activity twice a week that means you’ll have to pick up your dog after hours. Our after hours dog pickup services are perfect for these situations too. We stay with your dog so you can juggle the other demands of your life.


Benefits of Barking Springs After Hours Pickup

  1. Peace of mind – you won’t feel rushed if something comes up last minute
  2. We accommodate planned late days
  3. Your dog will be safe and happy in the same environment they get during our regular dog boarding hours
  4. You’ll know your dog is having fun, not destroying your furniture, when you can’t get home on time
  5. Helps you maintain a work – life balance without neglecting your dog
  6. Friendly staff will treat your dog like family
  7. Supervision to keep your dog safe
  8. Lots of room to play and sniff out doggy smells

Contact us to learn more about our after hours dog pickup services. We’re happy to accommodate your schedule at both our Austin and Woodlands locations. Want a tour first? We’d love to show you around.

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